Libya dating marriage Adult virtual dating

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Libya dating marriage

One of the main components of tea are antioxidants.The process of oxidation in the human body causes damage to our cells.

Libyan tea is rather very strong, thick, syrup-like black tea.One of the most important social occasions in Libya is the daily session of tea drinking.Brings families together, to chat, laugh, discuss and gossip about the highlights of the day and about life in general.The ready tea is then removed from the fire, left to settle for a few seconds, and served in small glasses (as shown in the photo).Normally this is prepared during a chat session, around which members of the family gather together to socialise for an hour or so before they each carry on with their own separate paths, and during which one drinks two rounds of tea (each round prepared as above and lasts about half an hour).

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Offering of the olive branch to the Libyan oracle of Siwa's God Amon indicates its sacred nature and antiquity.

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