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The green Bottled in Bond strips were discontinued starting December 1, 1982.

Below is an example of a bonded tax strip (click to enlarge). – Starting in 1945, the words “Series” and “111” appear below the eagle in the center of red strips.

– Prior to 1973, green bonded strips denoted the size of the bottle, for example 4/5 qt, on one end of the strip. Below is an example of a 1945-1960 style strip (click to enlarge).

– In January of 1961, the “Series 111″ was changed to “Series 112″ on red strips and the size of the bottle no longer appeared at the end of non-bonded strips (except for mini bottles, which were excluded).

Also of note: the bottled in bond code was only enforceable in USA, so it’s common to see export bottles marked as bonded that are less than 100 proof.

See the Van Winkle Timeline for examples of Buffalo Trace’s coding scheme.

Browse the photos on this site to see if you can find a matching bottle that’s already been identified.

Bottled in bond tax strips are green; non bonded tax strips are red and do not show the years.

Blue tax strips were for export out of the US only, but not all exports used blue strips.

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There are several clues to assist in identifying the year and distillery of whiskey bottles.