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Live updating playlist

Apple Music won’t let you save an auto-updating playlist.

Or rather, it lets you save the playlist, but not the songs in it. You can quickly get back there with one click, but the contents will have changed.

Any human being can do that and it is not necessary to be a MASTER to access this type of info.

You just need a computer or laptop and internet access.

So, if you save your My Favorites Mixplaylist from this week, when you go to list to it next week, the songs will have changed. Music Launcher’s stated function is to put shortcuts to playlists and albums in your Notification Center, along with a widget that lets you skip tracks and play/pause.

But it has one great — and possibly unintentional — extra feature.

Alternatively, you can just 3D Touch the app icon and access the widget from there.And this also counts for any other Apple playlist you might like to keep.Step one, open the app and tap the little ⊕ button.I've read a few similar articles on here, but not found any solution that seems to help, Please advise, thanks!So I realize there're a lot of topics on the subject. My playlists created either on my i Phone or i Tunes aren't synced.

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