Lop 17 3derotic dating games

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Lop 17 3derotic dating games

At work he humiliated her and make her do deplorable things in order for her to keep her job and with Eleanor desperate to make ends meet, she allowed Kevin to do almost everything to her.

No matter how much better Eleanor got and how successful she made the company, Kevin was the true puppet master making sure that Eleanor “knew her place”.

After Drake’s ultimatum to pay back her credit card debt, Eleanor started to work for Drake’s company under the strict eye of Kevin.

But unlike normal bosses, Kevin had one goal in mind other than make money for the company; it was to make Eleanor his personal “fuck slut”.

With no more financial troubles, Eleanor knew Drake would be happy and with long business trips away, Eleanor knew she would be happy knowing she and her new friends can have hours of non-stop, uninterrupted fun while he was away.

Eleanor’s flower pattern tattoo on the back of her left calf But like all things in Eleanor’s life, boredom and doing the same routine over and over again began to make her life dull.

Eleanor felt torn between her new feelings towards Drake’s approach and wanting to have a meaningful relationship and her mother’s teaching that were imprinted into her mind.

All that changed on her tenth birthday when her father went out to get her birthday cake and left her, her mother and the party guests alone at home.

Eleanor never returned to college and ran away to live her life the way she thought was right.

After a few moths of bar diving and many nights of sex with faces she can ever remember, she meet Drake Robinson who, unlike the others, wanted to know her name and get to know her.

She fought with those thoughts as decided that the best way to drown them was by shopping.

But once her funds were running low and those voices started to creep back up again, she began to sue Drake’s cards instead.

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