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Or possibly do your own research to better prepare yourself.3.Expect him or her to go to the gym every chance they get.

While this is definitely a great time for fit, athletic and muscular women, it is a horrible time for relationships.

Today strong women and female bodybuilders are celebrated for both their strength and femininity.

The are literally millions of fit women everywhere and they want lovers and boyfriends and husbands too.

They usually have a good sense of humor and I have come to realization that these men (in my case) are not afraid of big, rippling, muscle men and women who lift weights which are almost double their own weight. Also, you might experience a moment of panic during the night when you are awaken because you've been crushed by 250 pounds of muscle with the momentum of a freight train who is still asleep and doesn't realize that they are smothering you to death. Except this one time where I was sunburned all over my body and could only sleep in two positions without intense pain which my Lover complained about because he couldn't situate their body around mine and cuddle (I got an earful about it).

They are also excellent space heaters, they give off enormous amounts of heat that even I, who love being hot while sleeping, am shoving off the covers and Lover away from me.6.

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