Media player stop updating media library

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Media player stop updating media library

To do this, open up the Services control panel and stop the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service.Then, go to in Windows Explorer and delete all the *files that you see, there.Click on Artists, Albums , or Tracks to scroll through the search results and try to find a match.You can also type in new keywords in the Search box and hit enter (or click the Search button) to perform a new search.p=688534&seq Num=4 In the instructions where it says "the arrow below the library tab", just click the "Organize" button. Here is a digest: After continuing to play with WMP for 2 hours, I decided to just go back to i Tunes.It's much easier to use to manage my library, plus I found that Windows Media Player destroyed some of my albums - I had "best of" and "greatest hits" albums that were scattered to other albums just because some of the songs were the same. I'm going to try to clean up what I can, but it looks like i Tunes is the way to go for an integrated media player and manager.

You might set the Album and Artist fields properly, but then there's fields like "Album Artist" and the like, which might cause albums to break up or get scattered everywhere.Then, it appears to scan my music library and find my music.However, a bunch of songs are labeled as "Unknown" - they do not have an artist associated with them.Right-click on the title and select Find album info.This will bring up the Find album information window.

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