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Dating apps such as Tinder,, Badoo, among others, are very popular among young women and men alike in Tanzania.they use these platforms to meet potential partners, some use them to track down rich older men.The Whatsapp group was used as a platform for female university students to get connections to wealthy men.“Through searching online, they’d link the men back to the group and we’d decide who was to “date” the identified subject,” she reveals. During the 12 months I managed to get anything I desired,” she says.She was a complete stranger in a new city – bewildered by the new life she’d encountered.“I managed to make a new friend at the university and she offered to help me with my accommodation conundrum by letting me move into her apartment,” she says.This served as a short-term respite from the ocean of worries that Aida was swimming in without any life jacket.Her break would come after she was invited to be a member of an exclusive Whatsapp group of female students at the college.

Having been dumped for an older woman in her previous relationship, Linda was heartbroken and her self-esteem plummeted. He was always available for me, treated me right and helped rebuild my self-esteem,” she confesses.

Such men are popularly referred to as ‘sponsors’ – a term that’s synonymous to “Sugar daddy”. Some have garnered the nickname “Slay Queens” - meaning they stunt on the gram by showing how luxurious their life is, often times posting photos or videos to attract potential “sponsors”.“Men only want one thing from us [women]. In return they are willing to give us anything we ask for.

At times the relationship can last for years, and other times it can be as short-lived as a week,” she says.

Some of the men they date are married men, whose wives don’t take lightly the idea of their husband stepping out on the marriage.

There have been multiple incidences at universities, where wives have stormed in to the institutions demanding to see a particular student after finding out that that student is having an affair with her husband.

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As much as these ladies say their lives have overall improved and it probably would have taken a lifetime to achieve what they have, they maintain they do not do it out of greed but to enhance their lives.