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Posted by / 11-Mar-2020 13:47

Here are a few ways to do exactly that as you are trying to bounce back from a breakup: There’s something about a breakup that makes a trip to the salon chair seem like the most comforting experience ever.

Getting to soothe your frazzled mind and luxuriate in the hands of your stylist feels heavenly, but booking a major crop after a break-up is not always the most recommended course of action.

You don't have to jump into dating or sex if you're not ready — or don't want that.

To honor your new life without your significant other in it, strip your bed, flip the mattress, even get a new set of sheets if you must.

Invite a calm vibe back into your life by lighting some incense, burning sage, or even making homemade potpourri on the stove.

Projects are all around you, whether it’s installing a new ceiling fan, or learning to play the ukulele.

On days that you’re feeling really down, keep your hands busy to keep your mind from going idle for too long.

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Smile genuinely at anyone that you’re speaking to, try to find something to compliment friends and strangers on, and ask questions of others that have nothing to do with you.