Nis maps not updating

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Nis maps not updating

ypxfr will read the contents of a map from the master server using the yp_all() function.

Providing more than one server helps relieve the load on the master and helps keep clients working even when some servers become unavailable.This is unfortunate but unavoidable: Sun's protocol is not freely available, and even if it were it would probably not be useful since the Sun OS NIS v2 implimentation uses the original ndbm package for its map databases whereas the other implimentation uses GNU DBM or Berkeley DB. Furthermore, ndbm and gdbm are byte-order sensitive and not very smart about it, meaning that a gdbm or ndbm database created on a big endian system can't be read on a little endian system.The Free BSD ypxfrd protocol checks, if both, master and slave, uses the same database packages and, if necessary, the byte order of the system.The rpc.ypxfrd server speeds up the transfer process by allowing NIS slave servers to simply copy the master server's map files rather than building their own from scratch.rpc.ypxfrd uses an RPC-based file transfer protocol, so that there is no need for building a new map. But since it starts very slowly, it should be started after ypserv from /etc/init.d/ypxfrd.

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The ypset command can point a client at a particular server; however, at the first hint of trouble, the client attempts to locate a new server by broadcasting.