Onitemupdating detailsview

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Onitemupdating detailsview

I solve this problem by canceling the Item Updating event, changing the mode, and rebinding the details view data source.This was the only way I got things to worked for me.Save, Update, Delete in Details View Control in Details View is a Data Bound control of used to Displays the single record from a Data Source in the form of a table, where each row represents a field of the record.The Details View control allows you to insert,edit and delete records.I wanted to do my custom implementation for the Update command instead of using the Data Binding Object sources but I found my self in trouble with several road blocks.Problem 1: When clicking on the Edit button the Details View will not change the mode until the second click.Problem 2: When clicking the update button I handle the updating of the order in the Item Updating event but the Item Updated never fires and the Details View never change the mode to Read Only after the data was updated.Details View control always stayed on the Edit Mode.

I solved this problem by changing the mode in the Mode Changing event handler and then rebinding the Details View control.This will be solved when calling the Item Updating event.After setting the Details View’s Item Updating method, you will need to modify the SQL Data Source’s Update Command, Update Command Type, and Update Parameters.To solve this, you would need to automatically detect whether a value is null and then add it to the Update Parameters list.This was done using the ‘Is Field Null’ method [shown below].

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A Details View Updated Event Args object is passed to the event handler, which allows you to determine the number of rows affected and any exceptions that might have occurred.