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Online dating sites baby boomers

And almost a quarter say they have become less fussy about dating in their 50s than when they were dating in their 20s.But that's not to say the age-old worries have abated entirely.I know that some of you really don’t feel that way.You’re probably watching the show you want to watch on T. and eating the leftovers from the party you brought home, because you don’t have to cook for anyone.

Matt added: "We celebrate every relationship no matter what the age and we have helped create a few new ones.

The combination of taste and attractiveness may do a better job of predicting successful connections than relying on information that users enter into their profiles.

If you think actual chemistry may help you find romantic chemistry, then you may want to try DNA testing, which is apparently the new frontier in creating a successful match.

Using data provided by a popular online dating site, the researchers looked at 475,000 initial contacts involving 47,000 users in two U. The researchers reported that men made 80% of the initial contacts.

According to Zhao, the data showed that only about 25% of those initial contacts were reciprocated.

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To improve that rate they developed a model that combines two factors to recommend contacts.