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I exchanged messages with a few girls here and there.But what really got me on the roll was two girls who lived apparently nearby and everything on the ‘Non-sakura’ checklist checked out.A sakura user usually: ・Won’t properly answer a question in detail ・Will suddenly go off on a tangent and change subjects abruptly ・Is extremely polite and sucks up to you a lot ・Will Endlessly try to seduce you I knew there would be fake girls on dating sites. So, I made sure to take a few notes and got on to charging up my account.The fake girls were quick to act and I was immediately bombarded with a flood of ‘I am alone at the station looking for a bang’ messages which I easily ignored.Online dating sites in Japan always seemed to have such a dodgy vibe to them. Users are having to upload a picture (not an avatar) and use their real names.Sexy pictures plastered everywhere and huge amounts of ‘do me now! Things are looking a lot brighter for online dating in Japan.It was at a point that I had to speed things up a bit and quickly organize a face to face meeting.

This was just my personal experience and others might have had a better experience (fuck you lol).It’s no secret these days that everyone’s online and the best Japanese dating sites are a good way to meet them.The bad thing is that some sites are rip-offs and plagued with fake members.The content of a message that would have normally been in one single message was broken down into 3 or 4 different replies one after the other. The next day I arrived at the station early and was in high spirits. She told me she was there but couldn’t find me so I gave her more detailed information about what I was wearing. I sent her details of exactly where I was standing. I had sent so many messages that once again my credit was depleted. I’ll give it to her, she was successful in squeezing every last single credit out of me.On top of that, I would get bombarded with constant pointless questions. I felt like I had a truck full of rocks and shit dumped on my head. At that point, I had already chucked a shitload of money into the online dating site. But when 3 PM came I could only see a bunch of old people walking. I dashed to the convenience store to charge up my account hoping it was for the last time. But as a young guy, it really made me stop trusting the people on planet earth for a while…

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Things went well at first, but when it came to “let’s meet up”, shit hit the fan.

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