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Personal dating abbreviation dictionary d d

” If your answer is “the reader,” you’re on the right track. Do not use an abbreviation or acronym that your readers would not recognize quickly. , edited by Mary Rose Bonk and published in its twenty-seventh edition in 2000 by Gale Research Incorporated. The purpose of writing is communication, and anything that may cause confusion should be avoided. I.s (this week), but that’s just me saving a keystroke, probably. This abbreviation most likely stands for "Party and Play" when used in a personal ads,though it can mean "Plug and Play" when used to talk about technology.The abbreviation PNP when used in personal ads usually refers to the use of Crystal Meth.whatever to anarchy, for he shows us that only by bearing the burdens of the existing law and submitting to it patiently, as the camel submits to being laden, does the free spirit acquire that ascendancy over tradition which enables him to meet and master the dragon "Thou shalt,"--the dragon with the values of a thousand years glittering on its scales.Before reading the rest of this section, ask yourself: “Do I want to abbreviate or shorten a word or phrase to save keystrokes or to aid the reader?

If a personal advert includes a TLA, it could be to describe the person who is seeking and/or the kind of person they seek; for example, an advert stating 'DLF for SJT' means that a divorced Latina female is searching for a single Jewish transgender person.

Another method of replying to Lonely Hearts adverts is via telephone; this took off with the introduction of premium-rate telephone numbers, providing an additional way for the publisher to generate money.

The usual business model is for the advertiser to be enticed to place an advert free of charge (using an 0800 number or equivalent); those replying (and also the advertiser, when they want to check for any replies) must use a premium-rate line.

(There are actually seven ways to abbreviate those three little words.) That’s fine. Organizations: suggests this general rule: “Use periods with abbreviations that end in a lowercase letter: p. Here, check both your style sheet of choice and your institution. In addition, many specialized terms are not familiar to the general reader (that would be anybody outside your own field). When writing a book or long report, create a glossary to help the reader keep track of specialized acronyms, terms and abbreviations in longer documents. [Common Era.] or CE (BCE for Before the Common Era). stands for Christian, but that would keep it from being commonly used as a more universally applicable alternative to B.

I’m not about to argue about abbreviations and acronyms with anybody who’s that much more powerful and better armed than I am, and the military glories in its abbreviations. (Never write it U S.) The domain root, by the way, is on the web. (page), vol., e.g., i.e., etc., a.k.a., a.m., p.m., Ms., Dr., Ph. Both are highly opinionated on this subject…and equally adamant in their certitude. These days, you can usually get your editor or editorial assistant to live link the glossary entries to the actual usage of such terms in text. [before Christ] or BC C [Celsius, centigrade, consonant, cytosine] c.

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The first time you use an abbreviation, initialism, or acronym, spell it out and present the short version in parenthesis: The Greater Reno Water Authority (GRWA) calls for the use of native desert plants in all yards and gardens. ( — that it indicates a possessive and should not be used in a plural like this. In practice, I tend to stay out of the way when the big kids fight about things that I’m not terribly invested in.