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Playstation home dating service

Exhibition mode helps the player get to know the courses and equipment as well as get a feel for the controls.New season offers the player the chance to race against sixteen other competitors on any of the four racing machines competing for season points as well as money to upgrade equipment.You'll proceed through 30 missions in which your success...Developed by Namco Limited Released Mar 02, 2000 Platform Play Station Published by Namco Hometek Inc.ESRB Rating Everyone Genre Sports Sport Football (European) / Soccer Description Viva Soccer is the first game to allow a player to take part and re-write history in all Football World Cups (including the qualifying stage) from 1958 until 1998.Deal with players retiring, new talent emerging and the geopolitical changes of the 90s as the Iron Curtain opens and several new...Choose between roller blades, a luge (basically a sit-down skateboard), a...Developed by Crimson Released Mar 19, 1999 Also For Windows Published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd.

Developed by Clockwork Games Limited Released May 26, 1997 Also For DOS, SEGA Saturn Published by Psygnosis Limited ESRB Rating Kids to Adults Pacing Real-Time Interface Point and Select Genre Puzzle Visual Free-roaming camera Description You, as in all other Lemmings games, are responsible for helping hoards of lemmings through hazardous environments to safety.

Developed by Black Ops Entertainment, LLC Released Sep 08, 2000 Platform Play Station Published by Electronic Arts, Inc.

ESRB Rating Teen Genre Action Narrative Spy / Espionage Gameplay Shooter Perspective 1st-person Misc Licensed Description 007: The World is Not Enough is based off of the 1999 James Bond film of the same name.

ESRB Rating Kids to Adults Vehicular Train Genre Simulation Visual Isometric Gameplay Managerial / Business Simulation Perspective Bird's-eye view Description In the role as the head of a major transport company it is the player's goal to build up an efficient train and bus system.

The player is also free to buy and sell land, build housings and try to make money on the... Released Sep, 1997 Also For Android, DOS, Play Station 3, PSP, PS Vita, Windows Published by GT Interactive Software Corp.

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ESRB Rating Everyone Genre Sports Setting Asia Perspective Bird's-eye view Sport Football (European) / Soccer Interface Direct Control, Multiple Units/Characters Control Misc Licensed Description 2002 FIFA World Cup is the official game of the 17th FIFA World Cup, held in Korea and Japan between May 31 and June 30. Sony Computer Entertainment of America Developed by Sony Interactive Studios America Released 1996 Also For Play Station 3, PSP, PS Vita | Combined View ESRB Rating Kids to Adults Genre Racing / Driving, Sports Perspective Behind view Gameplay Tricks / Stunts Sport Skateboarding, Snowboarding / Skiing Vehicular Bike / Bicycling Misc Licensed 59 Critic Score 100 point score based on reviews from various critics. Released 1996 Also For SEGA Saturn Published by Crystal Dynamics, Inc.