Restraining order ontario dating

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Restraining order ontario dating

Contact your lawyer, he or she will know whether you qualify for a restraining order.

In Ontario, you need to have a close connection with the other party such as being married or having children together.

If you’re not sure about some things, the court staff could help you.

You don’t have to serve the papers yourself; the court will provide someone to serve them.In Ontario, a restraining order could be permanent and can prevent a person from making any form of contact with you.If you’re looking to get a restraining order in Ontario, you can use the following steps.It will be signed on the same day you apply and protect you before the date of your hearing.Fill out a petition and an affidavit that describes what happened during the abuse.

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It specifies the distance the individual must keep from the other person and forbids the individual from making any forms of contact.