Rihanna dating white men

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Rihanna dating white men

Hell, you gotta wear a latex body suit just being near them in the first place.

Tell Rihanna or Shaquia or whatever Jungle name they got, directions on how to get to the zoo.

They'll make such comments to be fasionable or to appeal to the Negress want's for decent, solid men in their lives.

What sane white person would sleep with a monkey in the first place?

So, when images of Rihanna kissing a lighter complected man surfaced, the assumption was that she had moved on to men of a lighter hue.

The "Ant-Man and the Wasp" actor wrote, "how do you know?

Rihanna's last boyfriend was a tall blonde from South Africa. She seems to be of mixed race herself [from England or South Africa? She acts black for the money and likes White for the honey. It's just part of the social engineering they are up to and the media is the tool.

These race-mixing black females wouldn't bother me so bad if they would give birth to full blooded Aryan test tube babies. Funny how they fail to alert the white women on how they usually end up.

Last year, around the same time Rihanna and Drake seemed to be rekindling something, Jameel was seen canoodling with Naomi Campbell…but nothing definitive like these pictures with Rihanna.

Either way, after this little bit of news broke, that was cause for celebration.

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But white men who love black culture have been some of my greatest teachers about learning to love my black identity. It gives the implication that as a Caucasian he prefers to dress, think, speak and walk like a black man.

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