Russell brand dating a spice girl

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Russell brand dating a spice girl

(Another fact many may not know: Mel C is short for Melanie Chisolm.) In an interview with The Guardian, Sporty Spice states: "I wouldn't say being in the band depressed me.I would say having such a dramatic life change at such a young age and all the pressures that come along with that, the way I handled it and what I put myself through, resulted in my being exhausted and depressed." She went on to say she tried therapy, counseling, and medication-- even acupuncture, and that it was to no avail.Below we outline sixteen of them; some that may surprise you, (they definitely surprised us!) Emma Bunton aka Baby Spice was not an original member of the band.How silly, raunchy, and incredibly unlike the reputation she had created as Posh Spice later on down the road.A dark secret that many don't discuss, even Mel C herself is her depression throughout her time in the band.

I guess she decided she would never let a man dictate her life or career again.The 2000s gave us many Patriots' wins in the Super Bowl and Beyoncé essentially becoming the Queen of America.The 1990s gave us many other things that we can reminisce about, things that give us serious nostalgia.The movie made over million in the United States alone, even though all the girls are originally from the UK.However, many don't know the dark facts surrounding them.

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Even now, she has created and designed several fashion lines and is famous for incredible runway and red carpet looks.