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I’ve already mentioned some most important factors that affect sewing machine price. But I think it is ok to mention them one more time.

is also an old company that became famous for its hem – sewing machines.Their praiseworthy is White Family Rotary sewing machine produced in the period of 1890s – 1950s.Basically, almost every old sewing machine is worth some money. If you have an old machine with its original parts which is still working, you’ve hit a bullseye! If, on the other hand, you’ve got an old machine that doesn’t work properly, or doesn’t work at all, it can still worth something! It will probably worth less than in the first case, but will still worth something!It really depends not only on all the factors we talked about but also how lucky you are on the selling day!Now, you probably wonder what’s the difference between an old and an antique sewing machine. Yup, sure they are, but not in a way to be considered antiques.

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The next thing that messed things up, even more, is the switch made between the old and the new company! He or she will probably ask you a manual (an instruction book).

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