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During their spawning phase, the jaws and teeth of the coho become hooked.They develop bright red sides, bluish green heads and backs, dark bellies and dark spots on their backs after they go in to fresh water.In the Unimak area these salmon are often called "humpies".Pink salmon have a strict two year life cycle, thus odd and even-year populations do not interbreed.

Chums are the salmon usually used to make dried fish called "Yukola" in the late summer from local runs in the Unimak area.Spawning males typically grow an elongated snout or kype and have enlarged teeth.Chums average 24-28 inches and 10-13lb; males usually larger than females.Because of the usual low oil content, this dried fish can be kept in storage for winter use without refrigeration.It is the smallest and most abundant of the Pacific salmon.

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Most Chum salmon spawn in small streams and intertidal zones.