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Shalom best jewish dating ua

Dizenhoff and others also spent their days in Odessa.

Despite the small parameters of the museum (total area of exhibition space is 160 sq meters) “Migdal Shorashim” serves as the only Jewish museum in all of the Ukraine where over a period of five years it has gathered a rich collection of 7000 materials (including documents, photographs, books, newspapers, postcards, religious garment, household goods, music instruments and other pieces of art).

Situated one next to the other, we have a picture of Jewish children in post Soviet Jewish Odessa and a rather similar photo (which dates back to 1914) of young Jewish children of Minkus celebrating Chanukah in one of the city’s sanatoriums. In another window display you can expositions related to another highly acclaimed profession where Jews were among the majority: medicine.Previously, the history of Odessa’s Jewry was not exhibited or displayed in any other museum around the city. However historical tragedies of the Second World War took its toll on the Jews of Odessa where thousands of Jews were killed in the Odessa region during the Nazi occupation.This exact absence served as the primary reason for the unveiling of this historical treasure. Despite the fact that Odessa’s Jewish population continued to reduce in the period of 1950-80’s down to 20%, it is fair to say that the overall influence of Odessa’s Jewish community on developments in science, arts and the overall culture of the city is immensurable.Menorah’s restaurant serves European cuisine, as well as Kosher dishes, cooked from high-quality products. The Museum of History of Odessa Jews “Migdal Shorashim” was opened in November of 2002 by the Jewish community centre “Migdal”. Babel and others who choose to produce their classics in the Russian language.

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The topic of Jewish press in Odessa is illustrated by various newspapers such as “The Day” 1869-71 (sponsored by the Russian Haskalah) which was published slightly earlier than the Zionist press “Jewish Thoughts” originated in 1918.

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