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Spider man death and dating

RELATED: The Date Knight: 15 Women Batman Has Romanced Much of Peter Parker's life has been defined by true loves lost, unrequited love and the pain of heartache as he consistently sacrifices his own happiness to fight for the greater good, and he often lacks a certain way with the ladies because of his hectic crime-fighting schedule.

Despite the trials and sacrifices of Peter's struggles as Spider-Man, he has had some powerful and enduring relationships in his day.

Due to Peter's record-setting terrible boyfriend behavior, Deb suspected that he was Spider-Man.

After hearing about her tragic past and in part blaming himself for her recent struggles, Peter decided to reveal his secret identity..to get laughed at by a now very relieved Deb.

The two often teamed up strictly on a professional level until the "Ends of the Earth" arc of .

The threat posed by Dock Octopus' latest plot to destroy Spider-Man and/or the world caused Sable to reveal her true feelings for him.

After Harry's villainy as the new Green Goblin finally killed him in #200, Liz grew to hate Spider-Man after Peter revealed his identity during Marvel's infamous "Civil War" arc.

After the time-altering events of "Brand New Day," Harry was alive again, but he and Liz were divorced in the new timeline.

Spider-Man learns that Lian had been stealing Parker Industries tech in exchange for medical treatment for her ailing mother, after which he offers to join forces to take down her blackmailers, the Zodiac.Recently, Liz's been running a powerful technology company that's swallowed Oscorp and Horizon Labs.Betty Brant first met Peter Parker while she served as J. They started their relationship in a pretty old school way -- Betty simply rested her head on Peter's shoulder in the aftermath of an attack by the Vulture.Peter then creepily googles Kitty to probably make sure he picked the "hot" X-Man.After one date at the mall, some crime-fighting, and a passionate kiss, he and Kitty start getting serious.

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Jean's connection to Spider-Man was the healthiest male relationship in her life.