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*Will never have aesthetic abs crew*His message board is amazing, as well. cliffs of one story: -dude gets girl to become **** buddy; no attachments. -dude tells her to get her **** and gtfo..broke the i not afriad 2 show my boobs cuz they r just boobs but i aint a slut yall so sorry i aint showing cuz i have respect for my self Rep: 7/12/2008 @ pm = 35. Unfortunately, he closed down the forums after his movie didn't do so well so I'm stuck with this place.In September 2006, Simon Spotlight Publishing, a division of Simon & Schuster, announced that Max was contracted to release a book in January 2008, Assholes Finish First.

Max attributed the poor box office performance of the film to oversights in marketing, but expressed hope it would find an audience on DVD. The moderators did their job and it was practically retard free. I went to his site purely for the message boards that were full of hilarious and intelligent people.In 2010, he released a book titled Assholes Finish First, and in 2012 marked the literary releases of both Hilarity Ensues and Sloppy Seconds: The Tucker Max Leftovers.He was a 2009 Time 100 finalist based on internet votes, although he did not make the magazine list.

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In 2012, hoping to offset a part of his owed taxes in a way that also provided self-promotion, Max reportedly offered to donate $500,000 to Planned Parenthood if they named an abortion clinic after him.