Ubuntu vuze not updating

Posted by / 20-Feb-2020 13:48

Ubuntu vuze not updating

There are two versions of GTK at large, the older GTK2 (which Vuze has worked with for a long time) and the newer GTK3.Unfortunately there are major issues with GTK3 and Vuze at the moment (the sidebar doesn't draw correctly, SWT Group items don't render, the 'open-torrent-dialog' is a mess).

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The new Chat feature plays a sound when a new message is received and you don't have that chat window open.

You can disable this - see Decentralized_Chat#Notifications 5500 required an update to SWT to version 4508 to function properly.

It is extremely customizable, provides VPN support, has robust settings and options for ultimate torrent control, and also has remote control ability via the web or mobile app.

I have recently installed it on my Ubuntu 18.10 LTS PC and found some concerns with the settings which I will be discussing in this article.

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It is also compatible with the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.