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Lord help your soul if you’ve angered a Russian girl’s family.10. (OK, fine, William Faulkner is a pretty dope wordsmith too.Fine, America, you can have that.) A Russian girl is raised to think and act and live independently.If she wants nice clothes, nice jewelry, and a nice bookshelf, she knows she’ll have to earn the money to buy those things herself, and that means going to school and getting a job and working hard until she gets dolla dolla bills.11. And a tireless hustler Russians know how to work hard and play hard.And as much as I hate that tired phrase, Russian women probably created it.And not afraid to really vocalize her thoughts We don’t know how to use our inside voices sometimes, OK?Sometimes we get so excited, and so passionate, and so zealous, that our neighbors might think we’re dying.Browse photo profiles, filter by zip code and meet someone this weekend.1. You haven't experienced music until you've experienced Russian pop music, which is designed to comfortably lodge itself in the crevices of your brain until the end of time.Her smuggled collection of Russian pop music Britney Spears? Every Russian girl has a pile of burned CDs she's gotten in the mail from her second cousin who lives in Moscow, and she will not hesitate to bust them out in the car.2.

But we know how to have a good time, and we know how to entertain.She’s fiercely loyal All Russian girls put their family first above all else, so don’t ever talk smack about their relatives.If you’re awesome, maybe you’ll get the same treatment someday, too.7.However we personally like to have fun, and personally like to entertain, we're amazing at it.8.Her fashion sense is on point There is no such thing as a frumpy Russian lady.

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She probably knows where the best Russian candy and snack hub is Stick with a Russian girl long enough, and you’ll get to experience the pure bliss of Russian chocolates and treats (and Korovka, which is a block of milky-caramel and is everything dreams are made of).