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Updating basement what colors

Lights should also be installed at the highest point of a low sloped ceiling to help draw eyes upwards and achieve the desired illusion of additional vertical height.

You can achieve this using small spotlights installed in the walls and can be adjusted to point up towards the ceiling at the desired angle. The lighting should be installed above eye level so that the illumination does not interfere with the line of vision.

The use of bright shades of paint can help make a low ceilinged basement feel less of a cave.

Dark colors emphasize the limited vertical room available.

Painting them can also help add some vitality to the beams.

For basements with flat low ceilings that are lacking a decorative element, you can inject some life into them by creating patterns that run from the walls to the center or a particular point of the ceiling.

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The best effects are achieved through painting the walls with pale colors and the ceiling with a bright contrasting color.

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