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To create a CD for updating the BIOS, use a blank CD-R or CD-RW disk on a system with a CD-RW or DVD RW drive, and write the binary to the disk using any CD-burning software (Windows 7 and Vista support burning data CDs without additional software).

If a BIOS Setup password has been set, the password will be required before being able to access the "Flash System ROM" menu.

It contains additional utilities to support Hewlett-Packard Company products.

If you wish to update your BIOS using HPQFlash, click the link below.

This folder also contains the required binary image of the BIOS.

The binary image file is named xxx_where "xxx" is the BIOS family, "MM" is the major version number, and "mm" is the minor version number.

The user is notified when the process is completed.

The new BIOS code will not take effect until the PC is restarted.

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To do this, insert the device and take note of the assigned drive letter. CAB to the root of the drive indicated by the drive letter, or a folder on that drive.