Updating old auto air conditioning married dating ireland

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Updating old auto air conditioning

If your home has an air conditioning system that was built before 2010, your AC will likely have R22.

To confirm the public’s compliance with the new law, all sales of R22 must be purchased by a certified technician.

Any air conditioners that are older than 2010 are more likely to use R22, which means there’s a lot more demand for it, and a reduced supply. Don’t forget that in order to buy R22, you’ll need to be an EPA-certified technician.

So, the average homeowner can’t purchase a cylinder themselves.

We are also known for our High-Performance upgrades to Factory A/C components, and complete High-Performance Upgrade Kits, that allow your classic to have modern day comfort.

If your air conditioner was installed before 2010 and you don’t know what R22 is then you should probably read up.

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Also, there are some strict regulations now on how refrigerant should be reclaimed and recycled, which raises the price.

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