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Uraldating ru

So far so good - There is also a second number on the motor, 38864 which I have no idea about and also a third number which I believe is the date of manufacture, 6 58 for June 1958.

Can anyone with any knowledge of this bike please let me know if you think the tag is genuine - given the condition and the fact that the numbers all match I am assuming it is but I have heard that these are available as reproductions so I'm not 100% sure.

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The next number is 175146 which matches one of the numbers on the motor.

Also if anyone has any additional info on the numbers I would be very grateful - Do the numbers signify anything other than just a unique identifier for the frame and motor and also what is the 38864 number meant to signify.

I tried to translate the russian text on the tag but without a lot of luck - best I could work out with google translator is the text in front of the 160995 number is "Motorcycle".

Pictures below if you want to make your own interpretation. I have a Russian friend who I may have to get to have a look at it for me next time I see her.

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Thank you to all landowners, citizens, and organizations that participated!