Validating bachelor in mexico

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Validating bachelor in mexico

Some cases do require additional time for research and verification but the majority of evaluations are ready within two weeks or less.We also offer rush services of 2 and 5 business days.We’ll then release your evaluation once we receive your official documents directly from your previous foreign institution(s). Delivery of Evaluation to You $ ______ All deliveries to businesses and schools are via Courier.

If he or she is truly dedicated, tenacious and willing to follow the correct steps, the road to revalidating a vocation or career becomes much easier.

We therefore urge you to use our Suggested Service which will ensure that you choose the right evaluation. Translation Fees $ ______ If your documents are not in English, we may require a certified translation to be submitted with your documents.

If you do not have a transcript translation, we can provide a quote for this service after you submit your application. Verification $ ______ To avoid fraud, we check that your documents are real.

We will get a tracking number and request verification of delivery.

Span Tran is not responsible for items lost or damaged once they leave our office.

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