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Validating date range in asp net

What we know about this time is that the universe was extremely hot, dense and almost uniform; it was ...From Data to Action – Best Practices for Validating and Optimizing Your Digital Campaigns - com Score ...How can I do a range that has a expiration date textbox and make sure that expiration date didn't set before today or now?also does maximumvalue need to be set to something.?The idea is to put each of the 3 different forms in this application of 3 different pages. the minimum and maximum values for the date should be present day date and (present day date-365days)present day i am using Range Validator1. It automatically inserts the date at the time the record is first entered. forms in vb into web forms we are creating a database driven website as part of our project.I have attempted multiple things to get this into the page and even started to just rewrite it as an web form, but even then I can't reuse any of the code since the System. groggy froggy Cheers Do I need to put this in the code behind page? He meant the table schema for the the date column as the...getting today's date to appear on the web calendar control try as I have i cannot get the today's date displayed at the bottom of my web calendar control. currently we have forms connecting to the database created in visual basic. Wor...unable to validate date using range validator i am using range validator to validate the date entered in the text there any special option i should set on my calendar control properties ? these windows forms we need to convert into web forms which are asp compatible. Hi, because of the difference in nature between web and win applications you'll need to reimplement at least the UI part. Problem is even when i enter the date within the range,it gives me invalid date error.

TDD of a Win Form app – Part 5 – Validating the account data In our last post, we worked on allowing our user to enter new accounts – basically making our Add Account Form usable.

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Create a date range based on today's date All - How can I obtain the date of the current Monday based on today's date? punnknacity, Are you sure you are correct in the SQL Anywhere forum?

I am not aware o= f = a version 8.5 of SQL Anywhere.

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here is the background:-date entry textbox and range validator are part of user control.(Game Basic Info Form.ascx) .

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