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Posted by / 24-Aug-2020 05:00

You can use SQL Server Enterprise instances created from either the SQL Server public images or Microsoft License Mobility.

This will enable cluster validation with no downtime, but of course it is not complete as some of the tests have been skipped, yet according to the Microsoft Support Policy “the proposed solution must pass the full Validate test.” So what happens if you need to test your storage, yet all of your disks are being used by running workloads?

There is no longer a need to have every component in the configuration listed in the Windows Server catalog as any commodity hardware should now support clustering.

However it is required that every component receives a Windows Server 2008 (R2) logo and the entire solution passes the built-in “Validate a Configuration” (“Validate”) suite of tests.

Listing All Disks and Potential Cluster Disks will not impact anything.

Validating Disk Access Latency, File System, Microsoft MPIO-based disks, and SCSI device Vital Product Data (VPD) can impact the disk’s performance as tests are performed against the disk which is in use, however they will cause no downtime unless the disk latency becomes so slow that it triggers an alert.

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