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Validating postcodes

Even if you never need to check UK postcodes, we hope you'll find the technique useful for other tasks.By Mike Lewis If your database contains UK address data, it's especially important that the postcodes are correctly stored.The letters represent the 124 UK postal areas (RG, for example, is Reading), while the digits indicate the districts within the areas.Most of the postal areas have two letters, but eight of them are represented by a single letter (e.g. As an exception, a few central London postcodes have an additional letter after the district.Do not use code, components or techniques unless you are satisfied that they will work correctly in your applications. If your application processes UK postcodes, you'll need an effective way of validating them.Postcodes in the UK do much more than speed the mail.

If you don't have access to the PAF, you can at least check that the postcodes in your application follow these rules.Essentially, every postcode consists of two elements, separated by a space.The outward part of the code comes first, then the space, then the inward part of the code.British postcodes do much more than speed the mail.They play a vital role in many applications, especially in fields such as mapping, transportation, marketing and statistics.

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