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Sometimes, too, though suckled by his own mother, if he becomes familiar with them when he is quite young he seeks their company afterwards." Aristotle (H. The nearest parallel I can find is Cicero, Ad Div., xvi, 17: valetudini fde- liter inserviendo. Columella (vi, 37, 9) says "not less than three, or more than ten years old." And a few lines earlier: " Thus reared the ass grows fond of mares.My thanks are due and are gratefully paid to the Lord Abbot of Monte Cassino for his hospitality and gracious permission to use the magnificent library of the Badia; to the Signore Padre Bene- detto del Greco for his kindness in showing me the PREFACE vn remains of Varro's villa and aviary at Cassino, and for his valuable explanations of many topographical difficulties; to the University Library of Aberdeen for allowing me the use of books which I could with difficulty or not at all procure elsewhere ; and, finally, to Messrs. Bell and Sons for everything for vhich a generous and public-spirited publisher may be thanked. The nine divisions are (1) age, (2) type, (3) breed, (4) legal formalities in buying, (5) feeding, (6) breed- ing, (7) rearing, (8) health, and (9) number. Most of what follows is translated almost word for word by the Geoponica, six, 2. Breeders like the bitches to have, besides, breasts furnished ' Po Hus varis. As to the number, how- ever, people differ in their estimate, for if the district be one where wild beasts abound, more dogs are needed — which is the case with those who have to journey with their flocks to winter or summer quarters by long tracks ' through the forest. If mules are born in a marshy and damp district they have soft hoofs ; but if they are driven to the mountains in summer time — as is done in the Reatine country — their hoofs become very hard. When a mare has brought forth a he- or she-mule we bring it up and 5 feed it. They are brought to it at the same time as are horses, and similarly a groom is there to help the stallion when he performs the operation.In rendering the Latin, I have aimed, above all things, at accuracy, and have tried to say in English what Varro actually said in Latin, not what I imagine he ought to have said, or might have said, had he written in English. Isidore of Seville (xii, i, end) calls a hinny burdo {burro ? Of the pig kind, however, some animals can defend themselves, namely, boars, hogs, and sows — for these animals closely resemble wild boars which in the woods have often been known to kill dogs with 2 their tusks.

If you use him as a stallion younger, not only does he flag more quickly, but the offspring also are poorer.

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A., vi, 23, end) says that it is indispensable for an ass which is to procreate mules to be reared under a mare.

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In the Introduction and the first two Excursus I have treated at length of the mise en scene of the imaginary conversations in each of the three books, and of the date at which they are supposed by Varro to have taken place — matters which have been undeservedly neglected, and have important bearing on the text. The translation will be : "One for hunting wild animals, the other used against beasts of prey which is bought to serve as a guard and is con- nected with the shepherd." Columella (vii, 12) distinguishes between the venaticus and the villaticus, the latter, the watch- dog, being the biggest, strongest, and slowest of the three. And again: "The watch-dog is a policeman, and if the thief comes in broad daylight the dog looks more terrible being black, while if the burglar come at night the watch-dog is not visible at all owing to his likeness to a shadow, and so can get at him more safely. Hence the best is one bought from shepherds, that has been trained to follow sheep, or has had no training at all. cit.) say that iron spikes two fingers' breadth from one another "should project from the collar." The heads of the nails were, of course, on the under side of the collar, hence the need of stitching on a piece of soft leather to prevent the dog's neck from being chafed. of stout leather going round the neck and furnished with nails having heads.