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One of the benefits of Visual Studio Code is it’s ability to automatically detect the type of Java Script value you’re working with and provide autocomplete (aka intellisense) for properties and methods.

This works really well whenever you’re using a module system and explicitly importing values from modules.

Set value to "Disable" to prevent default Intelllisense from parsing at all.

(This option differs from renaming of feacp.dll, in that setting value to "Disable" still causes the IDE to load an existing NCB.) Note: Visual Assist ignores value of registry string value "Default Intelli Sense" if option to "Get content from default Intelli Sense" is enabled.

where my SSMS Intellisense Cache is not refreshed or updated.

This is indeed very frustrating when you are presenting something on stage as the red underline means an error in graved in many people’s minds and it is hard for them to believe when the code with underline runs successfully. Where I had just dropped index but SSMS Intellisense was still showing that the index exists.

Disabling or pausing of IDE Intelli Sense varies by IDE. Delete NCB existing NCB file(s), and create two, read-only, zero-length NCB files in the base directory of your solution, and one in the %TEMP% directory. Re-enable default Intelli Sense by deleting the NCB file in the solution base directory.

Is someone aware of some specific setting or corruption although the paths are set.

If you develop with Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), following the UE4-specific documentation to disable default Intelli Sense and UE4.

Note: disabling of default Intelli Sense renders inoperable some features that rely on the module, including the Class View and Add Class Wizard.

After this you can still use Arduino to compile & upload the file to your Arduino, Node Mcu, Wemos, ESP8266 or whatever you're using.

But you if you want to use vscode for everything you need to add one more thing.

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It is possible that you have to wait some time, before code completion fully works after updating an file.