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Instead of conducting negotiations first, one power simply decides to launch a barrage of nuclear weapons at the other one. This is a ridiculous scenario, but you might be doing something similar in interviews.I’ve seen many people go into interviews and give off the attitude that they know more the interviewer – or that they are perfect for the role because of Reason X.And you are definitely not supposed to write out 2-page long responses to anything.Yes, you can think of anecdotes in advance, but anything beyond that is pushing it.So please do not sit down for a single 12-hour period and expect to master accounting or valuation.If you only have hours left and you just found about an interview and you really know This issue often comes up when you apply for too many roles all at once and you suddenly need to know about finance in 10 different industries.It’s OK to say this occasionally, but you don’t want to preface every single answer with a number of reasons.Your answers should still have structure, but you don’t want to state the structure upfront all the time.

Just like how interviews have become more case study-based and candidates’ communication skills have fallen to shockingly low levels, “trying too hard” is another major trend.But I am 100% certain that people out there are paying and getting paid for these types of “services.” Example #2: Reciting an Overly-Rehearsed “Story” and/or Overthinking Other Questions Another message from the other day: SUBJECT: interview question BODY: “Recently I had a Superday interview at a bulge bracket bank.When they asked me to walk through my background, I answered in about 60 seconds and he looked at me and said, ‘That was very well-rehearsed.’ mean you’ve been practicing/rehearsing too much.Particularly at the MBA and “lateral hiring” levels, this does Sometimes I wish I had never included examples of resume walk-throughs or answers to specific “fit” questions in the interview guide because they are consistently misinterpreted.These are intended to be intended to be copy-and-paste templates where you recite everything and change 2 words out of 150 total words.

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