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When anti-malware vendors began to detect and clean these programs from infected computers, the RAT community built "crypters" to disguise the target code further.Today, serious ratters seek software that is currently "FUD"—fully undetectable."For me I don't have the feeling of doing something perverted, it's more or less a game, cat and mouse game, with all the bonuses included.The weirdest thing is, when I see the person you've been spying on in real life, I've had that a couple of times, it just makes me giggle, especially if it's someone with an uber-weird-nasty habit." By finding their way to forums filled with other ratters, these men—and they appear to be almost exclusively men—gain community validation for their actions.They even have strategies for watching where women store the photos most likely to be compromising."I just use the file manager feature of my RAT in whatever one im using and in [a RAT called] cybergate I use the search feature to find those jpgs [JPEG image files] that are 'hidden' unless u dig and dig and dig," wrote one poster."A lot of times the slave will download pics from their phone or digital camera and I watch on the remote desktop to see where they save em to and that's usually where you'll find the jackpot!" Women who have this done to them, especially when the spying escalates into blackmail, report feeling paranoia.

The hacker has infected her machine with a remote administration tool (RAT) that gives him access to the woman's screen, to her webcam, to her files, to her microphone. Far away, the hacker opens his "Fun Manager" control panel, which provides a host of tools for messing with his RAT victims. "Poor people think they are alone in their private homes, but have no idea they are the laughing stock on Hack Forums," he continued.

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The book is "noob friendly" and features "many screenshots." And if even handholding isn't enough, more successful ratters sometimes rent out slaves they have already infected.

In other cases, they simply hand them off to others in a "Free Girl Slave Giveaway." Calling most of these guys "hackers" does a real disservice to hackers everywhere; only minimal technical skill is now required to deploy a RAT and acquire slaves.

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"Most of my slaves are boring," wrote one aspiring ratter. It makes it more exciting when you can literally spy on someone. " One poster said he had already archived 200GB of webcam material from his slaves.

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