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Meanwhile, Bart's obnoxious nephew hangs out at the firehouse and challenges Malik to a firefighter battle Ella heads to the hospital after a lump is found in her breast.She confides in Janine but hides it from the rest of the family.Meanwhile, another crisis develops when Calvin witnesses a neighborhood crime, and is urged to go under witness protection Calvin finds out that he's graduating from college and tells everyone and later learns that the school made a mistake.Meanwhile, Ella must keep Janine's secret to herself, but not telling anyone about Janine being pregnancy is harder than she thought.Meanwhile, Calvin and Tracie's relationship begins to wilt when Tracie questions if Calvin's ready for a mature relationship.

The secret also sparks an argument among all the younger couples. Jazmine reveals her fear of visiting the dentist when she develops a painful toothache.

Curtis and Ella's niece comes to town for a scholarship interview, but her appearance and attitude hurt her chances of getting it.

Aunt Ella and Janine help her work the judges, but it's them that end up learning a lesson.

Meanwhile, Calvin scores a job at a most unusual place, and Curtis is instantly the happiest man on the planet.

But Calvin's old ways get the best of him causing him to get fired from his new position.

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The rehearsal dinner takes place at the Payne household but someone faints and has to miss it and a few crashers come.

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