Who is dating nick carter

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Who is dating nick carter

" hitmaker expressed grief over the separation by sharing that he had hoped the relationship to last forever.

Admittedly, the former lovebirds' romance turned unhealthy as they struggled to place their differences aside.

Schuman didn't press charges against the Backstreet Boys star because she was told he had the most "powerful litigator in the country."Schuman's story wasn't the first time Carter was accused of rape.

In police documents obtained by in October, an unnamed victim said Carter and his friend forced her to perform fellatio at a house party in 2006.

However, I’m not sure Aaron Carter is a representative for this group.

His recent words are problematic, and they can’t help but make me wonder if he’s just doing all of this for the notoriety.

He is the younger brother of Backstreet Boys alum Nick Carter and has previously dated two famous actresses and singers: Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan.

The pop singer ended his statement by insisting his priority as fans, music and touring.

While still focusing on career, he claimed that he would find his soulmate soon.

While announcing the split, Aaron mentioned about how the pair had discussed their plans to have kids.

Fans who followed the singer and his painter ex-girlfriend's relationship were well aware of his desire to become a father.

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