Who is dating valerie bertinelli

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Who is dating valerie bertinelli

Vitale’s marriage to Valerie is yet to produce any children but we hope that would be the case sooner rather than later.Tom Vitale is an American citizen who was born in January 1967.Even though it is not known when he began this career or what companies he has worked for, he is very good at this forte.As mentioned earlier, Tom Vitale is also a producer.She currently hosts two food television programs on Food Channel.So much is not known about his career as a financial advisor, however, as a producer and programming expert, Tom Vitale has had several productions such as the play, acted in 1999.

1980 - 2007Valerie Bertinelli dated Eddie Van Halen.Prior to that, he worked at the program acquisition department of Viacom and later with NBC.A graduate of Williams College and an alumnus member of the William club, Tom has appeared on television shows alongside his wife and also featured in documentaries.His marriage to the gorgeous Valerie is not his first time out tasting the marriage waters.He was first married to a lady known only as Sharon (her last name is not known) and with her, he had two stepchildren while they shared a son together.

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Grapevine has it that it had several celebrities in attendance but their names were kept hidden.

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