Zach galifianakis dating

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Zach galifianakis dating

Furthermore, the most recent works done by the actor are in 2016’s Masterminds as David Ghantt, Keeping Up with the Joneses.

He portrayed the character in short film Stella shorts.

Furthermore, he is a Christian and has two siblings Merritt and Greg Galifianakis.

Zach graduated from Wilkes Central High School and later enrolled at North Carolina State University for communication major. In the initial stage of his career, Zach worked as a writer for Saturday Night Live but quit after just two weeks.

Zach Galifianakis is also a writer and has appeared in numerous films like Due Date, Masterminds, and many others.

Furthermore, the actor is also famous for his show Late World with Zach which aired on VH1.

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Zach has played the voice of the different character like Humpty Dumpty in 2011’s Puss in Boots, Heavyset man / Norman / Juror in 2009’s American Dad!